Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Therapy, also called Vibrational Medicine and Energy Medicine, is based on the theory of resonance; suggesting that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. Vibrational frequency is defined as the rate at which the atoms and sub-particles of a being or object vibrate. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual- being resonates to various frequencies of vibration. Like an opera singer’s voice shattering a glass, we can pin point and direct pathogens to destruct or raise the vibration pattern of the individual. Huna Healing Centre uses state of the art equipment, and specific resonant vibrations to restore balance to the body.

Each word we speak and thought we think contains specific frequencies. These frequencies send out a vibration that attracts to it an experience of like or similar vibration. If we send out fear, we attract fear. If we send out love, we attract love.

Resonance works on the principle that like attracts like. Using Music for example; when the C string of an instrument is struck, all the other octave strings of C begin to vibrate. They are in resonance with one another.

Using this theory we are able to pin point and destroy specific frequencies and pathogens and/or raise the vibration pattern of the individual.

Vibrational/Energy Healing encourages stuck energy to move or vibrate again, and over-stimulated energy to calm and normalize. The body finds balance between the two by being able to move through the entire range of possibilities of frequencies fluidly and easily.

This science is the key to overall health and vitality, expansion, transformation of consciousness, and eventually, transcendence.

Like an orchestra, the system may be off balance due to a single note or a whole symphony of harmonics. In fact, just as a variety of foods creates balanced nutrition in the physical body, the ability to receive and process variety of colors, sounds, aromas and vibrational patterns consistently will lead to a healthy being.

By using specific resonant vibrations we are able to restore balance to the body.