About Me

Beth Silva

Beth Silva is a Regulated Acupuncture Professional*, a Certified Bowen Healthcare Practitioner, Certified Clinical Herbal Practitioner and holds certifications in Colour Healing, Vibrational Medicine, and Theta Healing.
Beth also holds a Psychology degree from the University of Western Ontario, and is a Medical Intuitive. Her specialty is helping people connect with their true nature and teaching the law of attraction. Beth is inspired to continually search for ways to educate and improve herself and the lives of those around her.
“If you turn it over to the universe, you will be surprised and dazzled by what is delivered .. this is where magic and miracles happen”
– The Secret

Philosophy of Healing

The holistic approach goes far beyond the Mind-Body connection of finding and maintaining wellness. In this approach to healing, overall wellness and “wholeness” is highly valued. All parts of a person’s life are considered; physical healing, mental health and wellness, emotional well-being, spiritual beliefs and values are all very important in the healing process.
Taking a holistic approach involves seeking the tools that will help us attract our desires and find personal power. A person who embraces the desire to find wholeness within his/ her own being soon learns the importance of tending to relationships, caring for the planet and our environment, having compassion for humankind in general, and accepting and tolerating differences among a diverse population of people. These are aspects that are inherent in all of the services that we offer.

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